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Tier-Rack is a rack manufacturer offering new and used car shipping shelves, recyclable shipping shelves and portable stacked shelves.
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Tier-Rack is a rack manufacturer offering new and used car shipping shelves, recyclable shipping shelves and portable stacked shelves.


We offer a wide range of functions to customize the car frame for the specific needs of our customers. We offer steel storage racks and metal containers to help our customers take advantage of warehouse heights and save valuable floor space. Serving all industries, we can design and manufacture standard or custom storage solutions based on your material handling needs. Any of our standard racks or containers can be modified with a variety of options to suit your needs. If you have a special part configuration, we can design a custom steel frame to fit the shape of the part while ensuring that the frame can be stacked.

For more than 55 years, Tier-Rack has been providing customized transportation solutions for your material handling and storage needs. We can often provide customized car rack samples in a few weeks, and we can provide custom racks in approximately 4-6 weeks after customer approval. We also have a second-hand rack department that can find second-hand recyclable shipping shelves.

You want to connect your material handling, storage and shipping rack requirements to well-known industry leaders. Whether you are considering custom shipping shelves with side containments, stirrups, dividers, casters or decks, Tier-Rack is your solution.

With our experienced sales staff, diverse manufacturing facilities, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and powder coating products, it's easy to understand why Tier-Rack should be your first choice. Let us have the opportunity to exceed your expectations. Please email or call us on the rack drawings you wish us to quote and we will send you a very competitive quote. You may also want to send us your rack samples, and we can design our automatic shelves to be interchangeable with your existing racks. After we have the opportunity to check your recyclable shelves, we will ship the goods back to you.

Many of our customers have special material handling needs and require customized rack solutions. Some of these automatic racks are designed to ensure separation of components during transportation to prevent damage. We manufacture frames that can carry windshields, engines, radiators, carpet rolls, hoods, body panels and more. Recyclable racks can be removed and returned to the origin for reuse, usually in a 4 to 1 ratio. The advantages of this rack are as follows:

Reduce product damage Auto_Rack_4

Eliminates the need to constantly reorder expensive disposable packaging

Improve internal processing efficiency

Store unmanageable items

We offer a wide range of reusable recyclable car frames, containers and bolsters. Below are samples of various custom steel recyclable storage racks that we can produce:

Drive train parts: engine mount, hood, outboard motor mount and pedestal.

Vehicle exterior parts: bumper frame, window glass frame, frame, door frame and bag holder with vynal divider.

Vehicle interior parts: instrument panel and instrument panel.

Implementation rack: mower rack, heavy equipment rack.