Cantilever Rack Double Sided

Cantilever Rack Double Sided

Cantilever construction has been used for centuries in architectural and construction projects around the world.
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Cantilever construction has been used for centuries in architectural and construction projects around the world. It has remained a firm favorite in the storage industry because of its inherent strength, allied with the simplicity of construction and excellent practicality.

The main difference in cantilevered construction is that it does not rely on spars or lintels for support. Although structures using cantilever construction can often look flimsy, they are extremely strong and can bear considerable weight.

The weight loading carried on the horizontal support is transferred to the vertical support contact point where it is then distributed and resisted by a combination of momentum and shear stress forces.


When it comes to warehouse and storage, cantilever rack double sided is a storage system which employs the cantilever support arrangement for its individual racks or shelves. This system is one where a load bearing beam is supported at one end only, with no other external braces.

Cantilever rack double sided rely on individual rack supports –these are attached at one end to upright members by means of slot-and-tag or bolt-on fixtures. There are no other oblique or vertical supports involved which means that the racks can easily accommodate materials that are longer than the rack span.

Cantilever racks may be constructed as single or double-sided units and can be easily combined to form modular assemblies.


●Because it does not rely on vertical or oblique braces, cantilever racking double sided can be used to store loads far wider than its own span. This can be ideal for storing long loads such as timber boards, aluminum and plastic extrusions, steel tubes and bars.

●A cantilevered racking system can be installed as either a freestanding structure or bolted to a suitable wall. In free-standing cantilever structures, the racks can be used in a single or double-sided configuration with back-to-back shelves.

●Cantilevered racking systems allow users to maximize available floor space and are available in many different sizes and load capacities. These can easily be configured to suit a wide variety of your storage needs. Because of the simplicity of their construction, they are also among the most cost-effective of all rack types.

●Cantilever racking systems are one of the easiest and quickest storage solutions to be assembled. The majority of smaller cantilever rack systems utilize a slot-and- tag assembly method, which consists of a tag on the horizontal support which locks into a corresponding slot on the vertical member.


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