Cantilever Rack Single Sided

Cantilever Rack Single Sided

Cantilever rack single sided is ideal for the storage and display long or awkward items such as timber, pipes, steel, oversized goods etc.
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Cantilever rack single sided is ideal for the storage and display long or awkward items such as timber, pipes, steel, oversized goods etc. There are various ways in which you can take advantage of a cantilever rack single sided. There are single and double sided options; as well as your cantilever racking system being customizable for height, length and overall maximum load for each level of racking. Welfor’s cantilever racking systems comes with a 5 year warranty and includes options for light or heavy duty requirements, as well as an option for galvanized cantilever racking for outdoor use. Single-sided cantilever racking can be wall mounted allowing you to take advantage of the wall heights in your building. On the other hand, double-sided cantilever racking can assist in maximizing your storage capacity for aisles.


The most efficient solution for storing irregular awkward or long items such as bulky furniture, timber lengths, PVC and steel pipes, carpet rolls, plasterboard, windows and doors, long wooden pallets and much more.

The arm locations can be easily and efficiently adjusted without any tools required to suit your specific height or length requirements. So no matter how large, small, long or short your storage problems are, this cantilever racking system will provide you with the most economical and practical solution.


●5 levels arm levels 880kgs UDL per arm, giving a total of 6 storage levels

●Overall Post Height: 6096mm

●Arm Length: 900mm

●Post Spacing: 1200mm

●Overall Length of Set: 5020mm

●Supplied with all bolts and fixings in the configuration as per image shown

●This configuration of Cantilever Racking includes End Stops and Load Signs.


●Versatile; cantilever rack single sided is incredibly versatile as they can store a wide variety of long awkward products that cannot fit on pallets and have outdoor options (galvanized cantilever racking) also available.

●Customizable; this racking system can be fully customized to suit your business’ storage needs and requirements. Not only do you have the option for an outdoor system available to you; but the height, length and maximum load weight can be customized. Thus making your new cantilever racking system unique to your business and ensuring it will meet all your storage needs.

●5 Year Warranty; All Welfor cantilever rack single sided comes with a 5 year warranty. So if anything should happen we’ve got you covered.


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