Drive Thru Racking

Drive Thru Racking

Drive thru racking store pallets that are driven into the rack system by forklift operators and loaded onto horizontal rails.
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Drive thru racking store pallets that are driven into the rack system by forklift operators and loaded onto horizontal rails. Drivers then remove the pallets from the same entry point at which they were loaded when it’s time to move them. Drive in rack systems are typically placed against a wall or are otherwise closed at one end of the system. Drive Thru pallet storage systems are based on the same concept but are located in an open area so that forklifts can drive completely through the rack system.

Drive thru racking does not come without its potential disadvantages, though. It’s not the best option in terms of selectivity or accommodating the need to rotate inventory, because all of the product in a given bay must be unloaded to reach the last pallet.  The other potential downside is that, if you do not ship enough truckloads of like-product, you can get a “honeycomb” effect by not utilizing enough of the racking.


Because drive thru racking requires forklift operators to drive the forklift into the system itself, drive-in rack systems are especially prone to lift truck damage. The risks of lift truck damage can be kept in check, however, by following a few simple safety precautions.

One of these safety measures is to utilize reinforced frames. Another popular and cost-effective option is to install column guards in order to shield frames from potential forklift collisions.



Drive thru racking is terms that are alike. In some environments it can be difficult to differentiate between the two. To make it simple, Drive-In racking requires operators to drive into the racking system from one side and remove pallets from the same entry. Some Drive-In rack systems have a wall or are otherwise closed at the opposite end.

A simple way to identify a Drive-In Rack Systems is its LIFO inventory management. Product is rotated in a Last-In, First-Out inventory manner because of the single entry/exit point.

The draw to a Drive-In rack system is its extremely efficient storage concentration. Pallets are stored back-to-back without aisles for exceptionally dense storage. This style system is an excellent solution for product that is not time or date sensitive, or for fast moving pallets that are rotated frequently.



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