Application of Radio shuttle racking intensive warehouse in food processing industry(1 of 3)

- Feb 06, 2020-

Project overall planning and equipment selection

(1) ASRS

A dense storage and three-dimensional warehouse is used. This area consists of three layers, each layer around the end of a shuttle will orbit, and ASRS divided into left and right three reservoirs. Each layer of each reservoir were designed 20 roadway, about 1 in each tunnel section, the middle area of each roadway 18 section, the total number is 1200.

The selection of dense storage stereoscopic warehouse is relatively small from small food processing enterprises, and the storage capacity of each category is high. Dense library can perfectly match this feature. In addition, the dense library has low cost, small occupied area, high space utilization, storage quantity and other excellent characteristics.

(2) Disassembly equipment

In order to regulate the storage and retrieval of business groups, enhance efficiency, improve the level of automation, reduce workload, artificial intelligence is, the system uses 2 robots were stacking, unstacking out of storage.

(3) Conveyor equipment

13 units of conveyor and 1 sets of dismantling machine are used to transport the finished product tray, single empty tray and empty tray group outside the reservoir area.

The vertical lifting conveyor 2, used to release end a shuttle car for the parent layer.

(4) Shuttle car

The parent shuttle car 2 units, 2 units in the shuttle, a shuttle bus which used for carrying tray and empty pallet group in the reservoir area.

(5) Bar code reader

A total of 3 sets, one set for the brand identification code, to complete the automatic switching of palletizing brands; a set of finished parts box only for identification code, the only code to ensure computer system database to store the finished parts box; a tray for identifying barcode, automatic storage of information and complete the related product tray number.

(6) Telescopic chain board machine

1 set, after the robot disassembly, the finished product is placed on the telescopic chain board to complete the automatic loading process of the finished product.

(7) LED display screen

The 1 set are used to show the order number of the warehouse, the brand of the freight vehicle, the brand of the out of the warehouse, the quantity of the out of the warehouse and so on, so as to effectively guide the driver's operation.

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