China racking industry standard in 2018

- Feb 14, 2020-

Because the standard of the rack industry in our country is not yet complete, there is no clear and necessary regulation on the design, manufacture, installation and acceptance of the racks, and the behavior of the rack enterprises cannot be effectively standardized. In order to seize the market, some enterprises take the low price competitive strategy and ignore the quality of the products, which causes the hidden danger of the rack system, which threatens the production and life of the people. Gratifying is that the rack standard work has been highly valued by the industry, and some standards are being urgently revised. Now, what are the warehouse rack industry standards in China?

At present, 6 standard storage rack standards in China include: "industrial rack size and rated load" (GB/T 27924-2011), "industrial rack design and calculation" (GB/T 28576-2012), "logistics warehouse rack code" (SB/T 10846-2012), "SB/T 10166-1993", "WB/T 1045-2012" and "rack", "rack", "rack", "rack", "rack", "rack", "rack", "rack", "rack", "rack", "rack", "rack", "rack", "rack", "rack", "rack", "rack", "rack", "rack" Classification and code (WB/T 1043-2012).

In addition to domestic standards, there are some rack enterprises that refer to foreign related standards for production, including: the Japanese warehouse welding steel structure rack technical conditions (JB/T 5323-91), the code for the design of the rail roadway type high storehouse warehouse (JB/T9018-1999), the tolerance, deformation and clearance of the European Union's "standard warehouse for the design of the rail stacker crane." (FEM 9.831), "statically steel rack design for pallets" (FEM10.2.02), American Standard for safety in using steel racks for industrial and commercial steel (ANSI/MH10.21984), design of steel rack for industrial storage, test and application specification (MH16.1-2004).

In addition, the national standards for rack life are: "standard for use of storage racks" (national standard number: 20100330-T-469), "gravity type rack" (national standard number: 20100360-T-469), "cantilever rack" (national standard number: 20100355-T-469) and "warehouse rack integrated warehouse" (national standard number: 20100338-T-469 "Rack" (national standard item number: 20100335-T-469), "cold storage rack" (national standard item number: 20100339-T-469), "three-dimensional warehouse rack system design standard" (national standard item number: 20140861-T-604).

Among them, the standard for the use of storage racks, the cantilever rack, the technical conditions for the numerical control lifts and the gravitational racks have been completed in November 2014. In November 8, 2017, the national development and Reform Commission released the Announcement No. nineteenth in 2017, and approved the release of the industrial standard for rack installation and acceptance technology. In December 2016, July, the national standard GBT33454 2016, which was issued by the National Standardization Management Committee in December 2016, has been put into effect in July.

These standards have made clear regulations on the quality, design, production, installation, acceptance and use of all kinds of racks, so that there is a unified acceptance standard between the rack manufacturers, buyers and sellers, so that the two sides can be more effective and avoid the differences caused by different standards, and the risk resulting from the differences will be reduced to the lowest. At the same time, through the formulation of these standards, it also promotes the integration of China's rack industry with the international market, promotes the development of international trade, improves the overall level of the product, and lays a foundation for the establishment of a good reputation for the domestic rack products in the foreign market.

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