Civil requirements for ASRS installation and installation Requirements for high rack

- Feb 15, 2020-

Civil Requirements for ASRS Installation

Generally, ASRS has higher requirements for civil engineering. Taking the steel structure warehouse as an example, this paper summarizes as follows: in the ASRS operation area, 350-500 mm space is required from the bottom of the steel structure beam to the top of the rack; the outer edge of the rack and storage equipment is 350-500 mm from the inner wall surface; and the ground level of the ASRS storage equipment layout area is less than (+10 mm).

The warehouse ground must be able to bear the dynamic and static pressure in the equipment area, and has higher requirements for the depth of the foundation and reinforcement. The reference data are as follows: the uneven settlement of the ground of the rack foundation is less than 1/1000; the distance from the ground to the reinforcement bar should be required according to the installation conditions, and the recommended distance should not be less than 150 mm; and the concrete grade should be no less than C30.

Installation requirements for high rack

Aiming at the situation that most ASRS high steel structure racks adopt combined racks, there are two main ways to install racks: anchors (chemical bolts) and adjusting steel brackets (footplates). The latter one needs the civil construction side carries out pre-embedded parts construction and secondary irrigation after installation.

Before rack installation, the basic condition, embedded parts or boreholes should be inspected, and the whole rack installation can only be carried out after the inspection is qualified. For example, the elevation dimension of the footplate should be strictly measured before installation. The upper surface of the entirefootplate should be located at the same datum level, and the height deviation should not be greater than (+1 mm).

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