Cold storage racks are not the same as general warehouses. Why are these commonly used?

- May 06, 2019-

The design of the cold storage shelves and the general warehouse shelves is similar. The only difference is in a cold word. There are no special requirements for the design and production of ordinary warehouses, but the cold storage has certain requirements for materials and anti-rust coatings. The biggest difference between the upper and the ordinary warehouse shelves. The storage shelves of cold storages generally use high-rise shelves, which are so-called three-dimensional shelves. Even on this basis, the cost of cold storage is very high. The general temperature is below minus 16 degrees, so the insulation performance and rack design of the warehouse Rationality is critical, the former can reduce electricity costs, and the latter can reduce costs in terms of increasing cargo space and improving inventory efficiency.

Shelves for cold storage usually have:

Drive-in rack: This type of rack has low investment cost and high storage density. It is suitable for storing large quantities and small varieties of goods. The access mode of goods is stored first and then taken. The forklift storage is highly compliant and reliable. Handling the machine to store the job.

Shuttle type rack: This kind of rack is similar to the drive-in rack, which can be used together with the shuttle. The cost is low-to-medium type. The rack channel and storage setting equipment (shuttle) are integrated. The forklift is only on the rack. The two heads load and unload the goods to the rack, and the shuttle goods are transported from the storage end to the delivery end by the shuttle. Satisfied with the requirements of the first-in-first-out, the forklift does not need to access the goods in the channel, the quietness is high, and the operation is higher than the driving-in shelves.

Press-in shelves: The push-back shelves combine the strengths of drive-in shelves and gravity-type shelves. The multi-layer trolleys are stacked, and the track on the shelves has a certain slope. It is used for the storage of large quantities of small-sized goods, and the use of goods with low requirements for picking. Press-in or skill space utilization is very high, access is convenient and maneuverable, the total depth of the rack is within 6 tray depth, the unit product weight is less than 1500kg, the rack height is below 6m, the rack manufacturing precision is high, and the accident is lost according to the ancestors. The principle is that the forklift does not need to enter the storage channel, and is operated at the lower end. The press-in rack can be used as a cold storage and a place where the goods are not demanded.

Beam-type shelves: beam-type shelves are easy to access, simple equipment deployment, simple installation and disassembly, low cost, elegant shape, fair layout, strong carrying capacity, unit load up to 5t, humanized plan, freely adjustable layer height, Plug-in combination, no need for welding and screw placement, easy to transport.

Narrow alleyway (VNA) rack: accept narrow-street forklifts (also known as three-way forklifts) to store and take pallet goods in the roadway to the narrow-lane shelves on both sides. The fork of the narrow alluvial (VNA) forklift has three-way rotation and side shifting effect. Therefore, the forklift does not need to turn at right angles when the pallet goods are stored in the passage. The narrow lanes can be used in various industries, and the labor intensity can be eliminated. No, improve the degree of warehousing and the degree of handling; improve the handling and manipulation of the nature of staff, low storage and transportation consumption, eliminate the accumulation of logistics funds, improve logistics compliance, high storage density and other strengths.

Electric mobile shelves: Each row of mobile shelves has independent transmissions, which can save channels, expand space, store high observing, simple operation, quiet and reliable, and can also be moved urgently in case of power outage. Mobile shelves can provide about 100% picking. Sex, it can also enter the utilization rate of about 80% of the momentum, and the electric mobile shelves should be used as cold storage and explosion-proof places.

In the cold storage plan, economical and practical, reasonable price and high safety are the pursuit and ultimate goal of all users. Weifeng contacts the actual situation of customers, summarizes the cost performance of various shelves, and selects a reasonable rack system and design for customers. ! Hagris also has its own production base for shelves, providing quality products for the equipment of the overall storage solution, ensuring high standards of design and quality!