Hidden secrets of shelves in supermarkets

- Mar 20, 2018-

Small shelves hidden big secret, in recent years, we are in the Channel War, terminal Scramble, is actually in contention for the terminal limited shelf resources. Retail attention to detail, details determine success or failure, the following we introduce supermarket shelves:

Secret One: Product location

General supermarket shelves a total of 5 floors, from the 3rd, 4th, 5th is the largest sales shelves, especially the 3rd shelf shelves, because this layer of shelves and consumer sight is basically parallel, reach, the most convenient for consumers to choose, but also the largest sales.

The view of the store shelves below (1):

Products from the fifth floor shelf to the fourth floor sales increased by 34%, from the fourth layer to the third level of sales increased by 63%, from the fifth to move directly to the third level of sales increased by 78%. The third floor is for the sale of gold shelves.

Depending on the height of the display, the shelves can be divided into three sections:

The middle hand is the most easy to get the height, the male is 70-160, the female is 60-150 centimeters, some people call this height is the gold position, is generally used to display the main commodity or the company intends to promote the commodity; the height of the upper and lower fields can be reached, the upper end male is 160--180 cm, 170 cm, the lower end of the male for 40--70 cm, female 30-60 cm, generally used to display the main merchandise, one of the lower part of the customer must bend knees to get the goods, so the top is more unfavorable, upper and lower ends for the hand is not easy to get height, upper male is 180 cm, female is 170 centimeters The lower end male is below 40 centimeters, the female is below 30 centimeters, generally uses in the display low margin, the supplement and manifests the quantity feeling commodity, the upper end may also have some color adjustment and the decoration display.

According to practical experience,

At the level and skill can be a high degree of goods sold about 50% probability;

On the head and waist height, the probability of sale is 30%;

High or below sight, the possibility of selling is only 15%.

After the location is displayed, do not easily change, inconvenience to consumers to choose.