How frequently should pallet racking inspections be done

- May 17, 2019-

To ensure that your warehouse storage space is a safe place to work, it is important to keep the pallet racks in good condition by routine inspection. Not only is it highly recommended, but it also needs to comply with legal requirements.


If you fail to do the following, there may be legal liability*

Failure to perform regular visual inspections (by weekly “technical staff”)

Failure to perform annual pallet rack inspection by professionals

Unable to repair any damaged components

Now, the question is how long does the pallet shelf inspection take?

Regular internal inspections need to be performed weekly, every two weeks or monthly, depending on warehouse turnover and operational wear and tear; and

Inspections by professional independent shelf inspectors need to be performed every 12 months.

What do I need to check?

Check the loading of the rack - overloading can cause serious damage and injury. It is important to remember that the level of each beam and the entire bracket have a rated load, and you need to consider the age and/or state of the rack - it may not have the load capacity posted on it.

Check the condition of the metal parts - check the metal parts for corrosion and/or rust as this indicates that the metal is very fragile. If you notice any scratched or scratched paint, it usually indicates a collision and requires further investigation.

Check that the rack is level - the warehouse pallet racks are subject to collisions that may affect the set level. Vertical tilting, curved racks or unaligned rows are areas that require urgent attention.

Check columns, supports and pedals - Bent or damaged posts may need to be replaced. It is necessary to check the support for any deformation and see if the pedals are properly connected to the floor. It may be useful to see if the column protector has any damage.

Check the load beam - the beam may also be damaged by impact, uneven loading or overload. It is necessary to check for any dents, zigzags, scratches or bends.

Check the connection between the beam and the column - Check the connection to see if the beam is securely attached to the column for any broken welds or other signs of damage. Safety clamps and bolts in the bolt system need to be tightened.

It is important to document the results of the inspections and the priority of the required repairs. The documentation helps to track the regularity and thoroughness of the process.

The above tips are for reference only. It is recommended to hire a professional rack inspector to ensure the safety of your warehouse facilities and to ensure that the pallet racks are well shaped.

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