Installation problems of ASRS.

- Oct 13, 2020-

ASRS: First, the rack must be calculated by the finite element method, the structure is reasonable, the process level should meet the requirements, the thickness of the surface coating meets the requirements, the color is uniform, and the processing precision should conform to the standard.From the buyer's point of view, materials (mainly uprights and beams) should meet the requirements. How to make sure that the material meets the requirements? In addition to identifying the purchase orders, physical properties of materials should be tested in important projects. Besides, the installation of shelves is very important. Besides installing according to the design requirements, the installation results should be checked.

The following problems are important for the installation of ASRS

1. Basic foundation problem

In many cases, the basic foundation does not meet the requirements. In addition to the supervision and guidance in the process of installation, it seems that the timely correction of problems seems to be a more economical way. Once rework, the quality is often not satisfactory, and the cost will also increase and the duration will also be extended.

2. Installation standard

The benchmarks for the installation of the racks are very important. It is necessary to determine the standard in building construction. At present, many domestic projects have not done so, which has led to some problems.

3. Safety pin

The problem that is easy to ignore is the safety pin of the beam. The occurrence of many accidents is also caused by the safety pin. In addition, the problem of height before and after beam is also seen. Therefore, it is very necessary to carefully check the height of the safety pin and beam when the installation is finished. Installation personnel should also develop good habits and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

4. Guide rail connection

Guide rail connection is an important problem in the installation. Many bad guide rails will not only affect the use, but also have potential breakage in the future.

5. Grounding

The rack requires grounding to prevent static electricity from damaging the equipment. This is also very important.

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