Introduction of cold room storage racking

- Oct 14, 2020-

The characteristic of cold storage is the low temperature and humidity. Therefore, in the selection of cold storage shelves, it is necessary to choose low-temperature resistance, it is not easy to rust material shelf, generally use steel shelves. Steel is easy to damp and rust, it is recommended to use stainless steel 304, cold formed steel, Q235 carbon steel and other moisture resistant steel. In the process, there are also processes that cannot be ignored: rust prevention, corrosion resistance treatment, matte, pickling, phosphating, surface spray powder, etc.

Generally storage racking used in cold room:

Drive in rack:this kind of low investment cost, high storage density, suitable for storing large quantities of goods, andfewervarietiesof goods, access mode is after the first deposit, forklift storage efficiency and high reliability, is suitable for most storage handling machinery.

Radio shuttle racking system: This is similar to the drive in rack, and the shuttle collocation use, cost is low, the aisle and a storage device (shuttle) operation channel one, only to the forklift handling shelves on both ends of the goods shelves, by shuttle pallet goods from storage end to the outbound end. In order to meet the requirement of first in first out, the forklift does not need to fetch goods from the channel memory, so it has high safety and high efficiency.

Push back rack:Push back rack has the advantages of put-in shelf and gravity shelves. The utility model is formed by stacking a multilayer trolley, and the track on the shelf is a certain slope, which is suitable for storing goods of large quantity and little variety, and is used in occasions where the goods selection is not required. Press in type or space technology, high efficiency, convenient access, shelf total depth within 6 pallets, unit weight of the goods within 1500kg, shelf height below 6m, shelf manufacture of high precision, follow the advanced after work principle, forklift without entering the storage channel at the lower end. The operation, use the pressing type shelf for refrigerator and picking less demanding situations.

VNA racking system:The forklift in the roadway within two side narrow shelves and the pallet goods. VNA forklift fork with three rotating and lateral displacement function, so in the channel deposit tray goods without forklift turn narrow roadway shelves can be applied to various industries, reduce labor intensity, can reduce errors and improve warehouse automation level and management level; and improve the management and operation personnel quality, reduce storage and transportation logistics loss, reduce the backlog of funds, improve logistics efficiency, high storage density etc.

Mobile rack: Transmission device of electric mobile rack of each column are independent, can save the channel, expand the space, high storage efficiency, simple operation, safe and reliable, the power can also emergency mobile, mobile shelves can provide about 100% chosen, but also can improve the use rate of the ground around 80%, electric mobile rack for refrigerator and explosion-proof occasions use.

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