Introduction of Light Duty Rack

- Apr 11, 2019-

Light Duty Rack are also known as light shelves, angle steel rack, butterfly hole rack, supermarket shelves and so on.


Light duty rack is a kind of storage shelf with good quality, low price, convenient disassembly and assembly. The light shelf produced by Nanjing Corison Storage Shelf Factory is used by many enterprises because of its lighter load, combination structure, beautiful and durable features. It is suitable for manual storage and operation. The light shelf is composed of pillars, load-bearing beams and shelves welded with reinforcing bars.


Lightweight shelves are designed with plug-in assembly structure, easy to install and disassemble, beautiful appearance and durability. The most suitable storage light small goods, also known as light shelf shelves. The structural characteristics of light-weight shelves are the same as those of medium-sized shelves. The pillars are punched pillars with a hole spacing of 50 mm. The height of each layer can be adjusted up and down arbitrarily at a multiple of 50 mm to meet the storage requirements of goods with different shapes and sizes. However, the material specifications and models chosen are relatively small, and the carrying capacity is relatively small. The price of this kind of light-weight shelves is relatively economic, and the structural characteristics and universal angle steel goods are relatively small. The rack is almost the same, but the material is different. It can bear 100-200 kg in the span of 1500 mm. The surface of the rack is treated by electrostatic spraying. The commonly used colors are light gray, orange and sapphire.