Is the heavy duty rack upright higher and better

- Oct 15, 2020-

We all know that heavy duty rackupright and the depth of the most important technical parameters of Welfor are considered in the customers when the customers in order to increase the storage space, height of rack upright will be increased, so the rack upright height higher is better or not? Today we have to discuss this issue.

Generally, the height of a heavy duty rack upright is the most reasonable between 6-12 meters, and the height of the rack is too high, which will affect the storage efficiency and safety of the storage.

From the security perspective, general warehouse has the most low-end lamp, so to ensure the storage of goods before the top and left lamp safe distance. At the same time heavy duty rack upright height is the decisive factor of warehouse height and forklift maximum lifting height.

The top layer of the heavy duty rack also needs to store the goods, so the rack upright and the lowest end of the warehouse should keep the distance of about 2 meters.

In addition, Welfor technicians should understand the model of the fork lift truck, the minimum turning radius, the lifting height, and so on. If you do not know clearly, it is likely to cause the fork lift and the shelf is not matching, cannot be used normally.

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