Is the price of Mezzanine Rack expensive?

- Sep 05, 2018-

Mezzanine Rack, as one of the hot-selling racking systems, is a warehouse management assistant with extremely high space utilization. It is generally built in a warehouse of 4-8 meters, in electronics, auto parts factories, shoes and clothing, etc. Be applicable. Many purchasers are wondering about the price of the attic shelf when ordering the attic shelf? Is it expensive? Today, Hagris Xiaobian came to meet the needs of everyone, and simply talked about the price of the attic shelf.

What is the price of the attic shelf? The main influencing factor of the price of the attic shelf is the amount of steel used. The amount of steel used is determined by the height of the attic, the load-bearing floor, the required floor and the stairs. The price per square meter is 600-1200 yuan, which is designed by the shelf manufacturer. The shelf system is fixed.

Is the price of the attic shelf expensive? The attic shelf is made of Q235 steel, with large bearing capacity and special spray treatment on the surface. It has strong anti-rust performance and long service life. Moreover, compared with other shelves, the price of attic shelves can only be medium and below, not too expensive, the focus is that the attic shelves can better utilize the height of the warehouse and increase the storage capacity of the warehouse. For the factory, it can achieve higher Warehousing benefits.