Several common acceptance methods for storage shelves

- Aug 23, 2018-

Storage shelves are now widely used in various occupations, such as textile, tobacco, commercial, medical, electromechanical, military, clothing and other industries, demand is still growing steadily, in addition, new materials, food refrigeration, publishing, publishing and other industries on the storage shelves The demand has grown sharply and has become agile in the shelf market in the past two years.

Driven by demand, the shelf industry has achieved rapid development. However, due to the lack of professional standards in storage shelves, the warehouse-type shelf profession is facing increasingly fierce market competition. How to check the storage shelves has become an important issue that the company needs to pay attention to.

A few common methods of acceptance:

1. When the shelf is inspected, check whether the shelves are neat and uniform, stable and firm, and complete accessories.

2. The shelf installation shall be carried out according to the layout of the drawings. The spacing of each layer of beams shall be strictly according to the given dimensions of the drawings.

3, the surface of the shelf is evenly sprayed, no damage or peeling off of the coating, no oil. In some cases, some bumps in the transportation process are unavoidable. If the original does not have serious distortion, the accessories can be installed.

4. Confirm whether the number of shelves received is delivered according to the order, all kinds of accessories are complete, the color is on the sample, and the packaging meets the requirements.

5, the overall installation accuracy of the shelf inspection: the vertical deviation of the shelf piece is not more than 10mm, the height deviation of the same layer beam is ±10mm, the deviation of the center distance of the adjacent shelf piece column is ±2mm, and the deviation of the same row of the same shelf piece is not more than 5mm.