Shelf equipment function

- Mar 20, 2018-

Different types of shelves have different characteristics, high shelves have a good assembly, bearing capacity and strong stability characteristics. Use of hot and cold steel plate for shelves. Corridor-type shelves for the storage of a large number of similar pallet cargo design, also known as channel-free shelves. Pallet one by one, the depth is deposited on the support rails, the storage density is increased and the space utilization is increased. The shelves are often used for expensive storage, such as refrigerated warehouses. Corridor-type shelves have 4 basic components: frame, rail support, pallet guide and diagonal lever. This kind of shelf warehouse utilization rate is high, can realize advanced first out, or advanced later out. Suitable for storage of large quantities, small variety of goods, batch operations. The smallest amount of space available to provide maximum storage. It is suitable for large quantities and small variety of cargo storage operations. Forklift can be directly into the cargo lane for access to goods, the operation is extremely convenient.

Shelf machinery and equipment requirements: counter-balance Forklift or Stacker features: Suitable for low inventory flow storage, can provide 20%-30% of the optional, for the lower delivery rate of the warehouse. Ground use rate: 60%, higher (according to the above design calculation). Beam-type shelves are the most popular and most economical form of shelves, safe and convenient, suitable for a variety of warehouses, direct access to goods. Is the simplest and most widely used shelf. Can make full use of space.