Shelf knowledge

- Mar 20, 2018-

Lifting shelves may be familiar to everyone, from our ancient Chinese Medicine store medicine cabinet to modern shopping malls in all kinds of stores used in various shelves, to large three-dimensional warehouses in the steel bar or more advanced materials made of shelves, are familiar with, but a deep layer into the professional perspective of the shelves, Probably not many people know.

The development of modern logistics is the prerequisite for the appearance and development of the stereoscopic warehouse, which is compatible with the development of industry and technology. Modernization of large production, more and more promote the industrial production socialization, specialization, centralization. Production of a highly mechanized, automation must require the distribution of supplies timely, rapid and accurate. This has led to the rapid development of stereoscopic warehouse technology, and has become a symbol of High-tech factory design.

When the modern management idea of saving cost and improving efficiency becomes the chief consideration of managers, how to use the warehouse space effectively and how to improve the use volume of warehouse are also put on an important position. Storage management focuses on two directions, one is how to increase the efficient use of storage space, and second, how to promote the flow of goods. Storage space is said to store the storage space, although this space on the surface for storage, but in fact this space for the purchase of goods and distribution of the relay station, so the storage area has become the central hub of goods storage and transportation. Therefore, the effective utilization of the storage space has become an important task for managers and logistics center operators to improve.

For space planning, first of all, we must classify, understand the use of each space, and then evaluate its weight in various aspects of the choice, evaluation of the weight of the comparison after the design layout. If the storage space is limited and the planning and design changes cannot be made, then it is necessary to find a way to limit the utilization of the available storage space. This puts a higher demand on the shelves. The emergence of modern warehouses, driving the development of shelves.