The demand of warehouse for have duty rack

- May 22, 2019-

Warehouse buildings should meet the basic requirements of ventilation, lighting, fire protection, and smooth logistics. The allowable deviation of the flatness of the shelf installation floor should comply with relevant regulations.

The load-bearing size of the warehouse floor needs to be obtained from the civil builder. This is very important. If the load on the ground of the warehouse exceeds the load on the shelf, it will inevitably affect the ground, and even the ground will sink or deform. In severe cases, it will collapse and cause a safety accident. It is not conceivable to set up high-bay shelves only for space saving, and to fully consider the weight of goods stored on high-bay shelves.

In the shelf area, the settlement deformation of the shelf foundation floor should be less than 1/1000. It is worth mentioning here that the pile anchor bolts of the heavy-duty shelf pillars or bases are not detachable after being fixed by the pile anchor bolts on the warehouse floor. If the shelf column needs to be replaced due to the impact deformation of the forklift, the fasteners connected to the foot plate or the base and the column can be removed, and the column can be replaced. It is not recommended to weld heavy-duty shelf posts and foot plates or bases together because it is not possible to replace the columns and is not conducive to packaging and long-distance transportation.


Additional knowledge: installation of heavy-duty shelves

The installer should check the quantity of the parts of the goods before the installation of the shelves, sort them into categories, and fill in the shortages when the number of parts is missing; figure out the installation parts of each part, etc., and make clear ideas in the installation.

After the goods are finished, the pillars are installed first. When the pillars of more than four meters are raised, at least four people need to operate. One person fixes the beam and puts up a simple frame. Then, according to the marking requirements on the drawing, install the upper and lower spacing of each layer of the beam in place. After each set of shelves is installed, it is connected into a row, and the wire is straightened. After confirming the layout, the customer drills the hole and locks the pile expansion bolt.

A final inspection of the shelf is carried out. The parts damaged by the transportation problem are repaired twice by hand cans, and finally the entire warehouse is cleaned, which perfectly ends the installation task.

Shelf installation should be carried out according to the drawings. When there is any discrepancy between the construction and the design, it should be promptly submitted. The various measuring instruments, instruments and equipment used in the installation shall comply with the provisions of the current national metrological regulations, and the accuracy level shall not be lower than the accuracy level required by the installation.