The difference between live pallet racking and drive-in racking

- May 31, 2019-

China's live pallet racking are also called self-gravity shelves or roller-type shelves. They do not need to be separate from the drive-in shelves.

Forklift walkways, China's gravity-type shelf structure is similar to beam-type shelves, with different points on the beam.

The track is inclined at an angle of 3-5°. The forklift does not need to enter the passage, just carry the palletized goods to the shelf.

The cargo port (the high end is the inlet, the lower end is the delivery port), using the cargo itself, the pallet is from the

The port automatically slides to the take-out port at the other end. During the sliding of the cargo, the cargo is slid by the damper on the slide

The line speed is kept within a safe range, and a separator is provided at one end of the chute delivery, and the conveying machine can be taken out smoothly.

Goods on the front panel position. It can be advanced or out, and it can be used for small and large items.

The storage is widely used in the daily necessities industry and the auto parts industry.