The most common intensive storage shelves are as follows

- Aug 31, 2018-

At present, the most common intensive storage shelves are as follows:

1, drive-in shelves

The drive-in rack is also called a through-shelf or a gallery-type shelf. As the name suggests, the drive-in rack is a kind of rack that the forklift enters the inside of the rack to access the goods. The running lane of the forklift is the storage space of the cargo, and the pallet is in depth. The direction is continuously stored on the support rail, which is an advanced rear-out type shelf.

2, press-in shelf

The press-in rack is also called the push-back rack, and the stored goods are stored on the specially manufactured pallet trolley. The pallet trolley realizes the self-sliding function through the guide rails with a certain inclination before the low. When storing the goods, use the forklift to store the goods from the lower end of the guide rail on the pallet trolley, then use the next pallet to push the previous pallet into a deep position, and so on;

When the goods are taken, they are also taken from the lower end of the guide rail. Each time the goods are taken away, the remaining goods will automatically slide to the lower end of the guide rail under the action of gravity, so that it is convenient to continue to pick up the goods, which is an advanced rear-out type shelf.

3, gravity shelf

Gravity-type shelves, also known as roller-type shelves, are similar to push-in shelves, except that the guide rails and the pallet trolleys are replaced by roller tables, and gravity rollers with a certain angle of inclination and no power are placed in the shelf depth direction. When the goods are stored, they are placed from the height of the roller table and automatically slide to the lower part of the roller table by gravity. A damping device is needed in the roller table to control the speed of the cargo. FIFO is available.

4, shuttle shelf

The shuttle rack is equipped with a shuttle trolley guide in the depth direction of the shelf. When stocking, the cargo is placed at the foremost end of the guide rail. The wireless remote control shuttle on the guide rail will automatically carry the pallet on the guide rail and place it on the guide rail. At the time of picking up, the shuttle will place the tray at the front end of the guide rail and the forklift will take it away. The shuttle rack can be used for both first-in-first-out and advanced-out.

5, heavy mobile shelves

The characteristics of the heavy-duty mobile shelves are that there is a motor drive at the bottom of each row of shelves, and the rollers under the shelves move along the tracks laid on the ground, so that the shelves can be arranged continuously, and only one channel space is needed for one set of shelves. High density storage. When the goods need to be accessed, the shelf is moved, and a working channel space is presented to realize the operation function. Mobile shelves can be accessed in any order.

6, multiple deep automation warehouse shelves

The multi-deep automated warehouse rack is a multi-type rack combination that combines a stacker with a gravity rack or a stacker and shuttle rack. In general terms, this type of shelf is equivalent to replacing the traditional forklift with a stacker and replacing the manually operated automated and intensive storage shelves with computer control.