The standard of supermarket shelf management

- Mar 20, 2018-

1. Supermarket shelf variety size: According to customer requirements design.

2. Material origin: all use Shanghai Baoshan Steel High quality cold-rolled A3 steel plate, the steel national Standard Model is SS400, the material surface request is special high.

3. shelf upright: With Shanghai Baoshan Steel High quality cold-rolled SS400 steel sheet cold drawn forming tube, square tube section size is 70*40 (long * wide), material thickness 2.5mm. One-sided force is 600Kg, allowable maximum deflection is 1/1000 of height, safety factor is 1.5.

4. Layer board: With Shanghai Baoshan Steel High quality rolling SS400 material thickness 0.8mm, bottom welding reinforcement, safe and reliable. The layer plate bearing weight 250Kg, the guide plate allows the maximum deflection of the layer plate length of 2/1000. The safety factor is 1.5.

5. Structure: All for the buckle formation, the layer can be freely added or decreased, installation fast and convenient.

6. Packaging: Full use of carton packaging.