What are the advantages of the shuttle rack?

- Jul 16, 2018-

  First, it can greatly increase the floor area ratio of the warehouse. For example, after the general drive-in rack is converted into a shuttle racking system, the utilization rate of the original warehouse can be increased by 30%. Of course, each project requires our engineers to make reasonable plans based on specific conditions.

  Second, the entire shelf system can be made more stable. When the drive-in rack was converted into a shuttle racking system, the entire racking system was more stable due to the use of beams to join the racks together.

  Third, improve the operational efficiency of cargo handling. Because the operation of the shuttle is easier than the operation of the forklift, it is convenient for the operator to use and improve work efficiency.

  Fourth, if the company transforms the drive-in rack into a shuttle racking system, it can maximize the use of the original racking system and greatly reduce the cost of retrofitting. Because the general structure of the two types of shelf systems is the same, the transformation is relatively simple, only the beams need to be used to connect the original shelves together, the tracks are laid on the passage between the shelves, and the shuttle truck is used to replace the original drive-in forklifts.