What are the factors that determine the quality of warehouse racking

- Nov 10, 2020-

Welfor warehouse racking common in large enterprises in the warehouse, and most of the replacement and the maintenance is complicated. Therefore, enterprises in the purchase of Welfor warehouse racking often consider the quality and service life in the first place. So, what are the factors that determine the quality of Welfor warehouse racking?


1. Racking size and material. Different sizes of Welfor warehouse racking require a different amount of material. Load capacity and cost of different material are not the same. Generally, the load capacity of steel material (Q235 and Q345) is better.


2. Price war. Some manufacturers want to develop then take the price war. Of course, the low price will attract some customers, but manufacturers want to survive, there is no sufficient fund. Price war is a lose money strategy and it is difficult to raise prices, that is the vicious circle. In order to survive, many manufacturers take risks and they use cheap and inferior materials to make racking, or use harmful paint to color the racking.


3. Choose the racking according to the efficiency and frequency of the goods in the warehouse. If the access efficiency of the warehouse is relatively high, so it is not suitable for selection of VNA racking system, because this type of racking will increase the use of the cost in the invisible, and the racking life is not long.


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