What are the precautions for the storage racks welding

- Nov 09, 2020-

Warehousing rack welding is a more important part of rack forming, so there are still many details to be paid attention to during the storage rack welding process. Next, Welfor will tell you about the storage rack welding notices.


1. Takeinto account the customer's actual use of the product.


2. Welding storage shelves, mainly using carbon dioxide welding, welding in the flat on the ground or on the table, on the ground, in the four angle welding volume size, prevent welding deformation angle with thick material not easy penetration welding, a component of a size, so overall deformation.


3. The main welding position of the storage rack is the connection between the beam connector and the beam, and then the connection of the footplate.


To sum up, with the gradual growth of the racking industry, the welding technology will be more complex. If the racking manufacturers want to win in the fierce competition, we must improve their quality, meet the higher challenges, and make the storage racks diversified.


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