What details should be noticed when using the shuttle and carrier

- Nov 07, 2020-

1. Now each shuttle and carrier is equipped with its own operating instructions, it is recommended that everyone read the instructions before operation, in order to ensure that they are familiar with the basic structure of such equipment, performance advantages and basic parameters before operating.


2. It must be installed and used in accordance with the prescribed steps, cannot be operated at will, it is easy to bring warehousing system or logistics system to a certain degree of confusion.


3. Rational operation of such a device, focusing on the details of the problem, can more effectively play its practical value, so that the transport of goods more smoothly and efficient.


4. Line control is very critical, especially for such equipment line control, we must pay more attention to, if there are problems, not only will directly cause trouble to the freight transport, but also may reduce the efficiency of the enterprise, making the overall loss too large.


5. The cargo quantity regulation is also very important, each type of shuttle and carrier has its own limit cargo weight or quantity, if exceeding this standard, not only will bring certain damage to the equipment, more likely to affect the normal operation and operation.


6. In the operation of such machinery and equipment, non-staff cannot enter the designated scope, especially for the racks between the roadways, not to mention anyone.


7. According to the use frequency of this device, further develop a sound and effective maintenance program for it, do a good job of cleaning and maintenance of the foundation, especially for the wheel, sensor and other important parts, more need to be periodic inspection and maintenance, need them to be able to meet the daily work needs.


8. After each operation, it is necessary to check whether there is any cargo or products left on the shuttle and carrier. It must be cleaned up to avoid affecting the next operation.


After several years of improvement and improvement, the performance of the shuttle and carrier has been further strengthened, but in the operation process still need to ensure the correct use and settings, in order to more effectively play the value of such devices, for enterprises to bring efficient operation.


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