What factors affect the price of mezzanine

- Nov 06, 2020-

Mezzanine space utilization is very high. It is a kind of shelf type which is the key consideration in the planning of light and small items warehouse. It can be designed and adjusted according to the situation of user site. It is made into 2-3 layers of Mezzanine. It is widely used in the fields of factory, electric business warehouse, logistics center and so on. This article collates some queries from customers about Mezzanine, and Welfor answers here:


How high is Mezzanine? How high is the height of the first floor?


Usually, the height of the adult is more than 1.5, and the floor is generally 10cm height (or thickness), the distance between the Mezzanine floors is 2.2-2.7m, the height of the top shelf is generally about 2m. Therefore, the two layer Mezzanine can be made to 4.2 meters high and the three layer Mezzanine can be made to 7.5 meters, which requires the height of the warehouse to be better than 4 meters above and less than 8 meters.


At the same time, considering the convenience of employees' work, the net height (minimum height) of the first layer of Mezzanine can't be less than 1.9 meters. If Mezzanine is too low, the warehouse personnel work for a long time in such a storage environment, which is bound to depress the work. Assuming that the net height is 1.7 meters, people who work in the Mezzanine have to bend or lower their heads in order to cause physical strain. This completely violates the principle of reasonableness of shelf design.


What are the storage devices that are used with Mezzanine?


Mezzanine is a simple shelf that makes full use of the upper space of the warehouse. Build an intermediate Mezzanine on existing shelves or workplaces to increase storage area. Mezzanine floor board generally can be placed light and small goods or long storage period of goods, with forklift, conveyor belt, hoist, electric hoist or lifting platform to improve the goods. Generally, light trolley or pallet traction car is used on Mezzanine.


What shelf is the bottom of Mezzanine for support? How do you choose?


Mezzanine systems usually use medium shelf shelves or heavy shelf shelves as the main support plus the floor panels. According to the total load weight of the shelving unit, decide what kind of rack to choose. The floor panels usually use cold-rolled steel floor, pattern steel floor or steel grille floor. In recent years, cold rolled steel slab has been used. It has many advantages, such as strong bearing capacity, good integrity, good uniformity, high precision, smooth surface and easy locking. It has a variety of types, and easy to match the lighting system. It is convenient to access and manage.


In which industries does Mezzanine use more?


Mezzanine has the characteristics of maximizing the use of space and can store many kinds of articles. It is widely used in the field of auto parts, light industry, electronics industry and auto 4S shop. According to various installation conditions and the actual site needs to design two layers of live multi-layer Mezzanine, full assembly structure, can be assembled at random in the field, easy to assemble, without welding, convenient and flexible dismantling.


How do Mezzanine manufacturers charge? What factors affect the Mezzanine price?


The price of Mezzanine is mainly determined by the quality of the material and the size and structure of the shelf. Welfor will make plans according to the condition of the customer's warehouse, and store the kinds of goods, the quantity, and the existing equipment. The design is flexible and standard. The schemes given by different manufacturers will be different and the price is different. Therefore, the purchase of Mezzanine cannot see the price, but the whole structure and material selection, which determines the load bearing capacity, safety and stability of the shelf system, must not be cheap to affect the efficiency and security of storage.


The price of Mezzanine is mainly calculated according to the selected materials, such as columns, beams and floor panels. The price of each square meter is 600-1200 yuan (reference price), which is determined by the weight bearing capacity, the number of layers and the height.


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