What factors affect the safe use of storage shelves?

- Aug 23, 2018-

Different from civilian shelves and storage shelves, warehouse shelves, whether used in production enterprises or logistics centers, generally carry a large number of goods, to achieve this three-dimensional, high-level storage, to provide a basis for production and logistics. service. How to ensure the safe use of storage shelves is a major event in the production and circulation links. Then, what factors in the storage shelves affect the safe use of storage shelves?

First, the impact from the previous design.

Design is a prerequisite for production and one of the prerequisites for installation and use. The design is rigorous and reasonable, and it can coordinate the use factors of all aspects, which is related to the safe use of storage shelves. Designs in this regard generally refer to these aspects:

(1) Fully evaluate the requirements of the rack itself in terms of strength, stiffness and stability. Designed with reference to relevant standards;

(2) Full consideration of the height and width of the shelf and the connection and stability of the warehouse building;

(3) Full consideration of the impact of the physical and chemical characteristics of the stored goods on the shelf.

Second, the security factors from the shelf manufacturing process

The manufacturing stage is about the quality of the shelf, the user's experience, and the brand influence of the product. It is also one of the important factors related to shelf safety. It is embodied in:

1. If the material specifications are inconsistent with the design, it will lead to weakening of the structural capability surface, resulting in safety hazards; 2. The processing of the painting process of the shelf is insufficient, and the paint peeling off is light, and the internal structure is affected by the weight;

3, the accuracy and details of the manufacturing of the shelf is not in place, resulting in a group of shelves and other links are not tight enough, prone to security problems.

Third, the security issues during the installation phase.

The general structure of the storage shelves is relatively large, and there are many connection problems in each part, which requires the operation of professional installers. If it is not good enough, it is easy to appear. If the verticality of the column is insufficient and the angle is not enough when the shelf is installed, the poor handling will adversely affect the overall shelf. Also, the installation of the safety accessories required on the shelf is not correct or the position is incorrect, which will weaken the protection. The role is not good for safety. Improper operation of warehouse personnel when using the shelves may also result in the safety of the shelves. For example, over-return goods and strong collision shelves may cause the shelves to be displaced or deformed, thus affecting the safe use of the shelves.