What is a cantilevered rack

- Apr 22, 2019-

Cantilevered racks (also known as timber racks or pipe racks) are heavy-duty storage racks designed to hold long, bulky items or materials such as wood, plywood, PVC, steel pipes and metal or bar tubes. Therefore, cantilever storage racks are the preferred solution for storing heavy items such as furniture, boats, steel bars, pvc pipes, iron pipes and various long, heavy and/or heavy objects.


The cantilevered storage system consists of a vertical column and base with tilting or straight arms with vertical and horizontal support. It can store light and medium loads in heavy and extra heavy items and can be configured for single or double sided storage. read more

Because cantilevers can store multiple types of products, cantilever storage racks are often referred to as timber racks, furniture storage racks, strip storage racks, boat storage racks, and/or pipe storage racks. Light cantilever bracket systems are most commonly used for furniture storage. Still others, such as medium cantilever, are used to store motorcycles, boats, motor boats, and the like. In summary, cantilevered racks are used in a variety of industries that are considered good quality storage solutions for their specific business or product line.

The rolling cantilever is a lightweight medium cantilever. The roll form is commonly used for furniture storage and is referred to as a furniture cantilevered rack. Furniture cantilever frames can be decorated to provide static storage similar to pallet racks. It has the advantage that it is easier to store and retrieve large or odd-sized materials than traditional pallet racking systems.

Cantilevered racks are a very effective way to store a variety of materials. If you plan on how to use it effectively, the storage density of the cantilever can be very high. The flexibility of the cantilevered rack makes it a very popular storage solution with immediate return on investment.

Single-sided double-sided cantilever

Cantilever vertical rack

Like the pallet rack, the boom has specific components that work together to create larger bays and storage rows. The column is the main structural component of any cantilevered rack mount. The column is used in conjunction with the base (when the column is mentioned here, we talk about the full upright/base combination) to create the "backbone" of the rack.

The column is available in single or double sided configuration. The only difference between the two is that for double-sided columns, you can store material on both sides of the rack. Like pallet racks, there are many different brands and brands that don't all work together. You must match the same arm and base to build a complete unit.

Cantilever frame beam and arm

Similar to the pallet frame beam, the cantilever beam or cantilever constitutes a level for storage. One end of the cantilever beam is fixed to the column to deflect the cantilever to zero. The cantilever beam can typically be adjusted at the center of 1 inch of the column height to produce the desired rack height for any height. The beam can be straight or sloping and can hold goods that may roll off. Some beams even have attached lips. The end of the arm to prevent the load from slipping off the front of the frame.

Please note - Do not place the cantilever beam on the back of the single-sided cantilever frame. Even if there are two holes in the upright for holding your arms, this is a very dangerous practice and should be avoided at all costs.

Swing support

Cantilever bracket

The last component of the cantilever frame is the support. The bracket moves between the columns and laterally stabilizes the bracket. The bracket is not intended to hold the load, but should only be used to connect and support the column. The length of the support is the same as the spacing between the columns.