What is the advantage of intelligent warehousing

- Nov 04, 2020-

Compared with traditional warehousing equipment system, intelligent storage equipment system has unparalleled advantages.


(1) High storage, land saving: land has become a scarce resource, how to maximize the use of limited land has become a target for some companies to pursue. The intelligent warehouse equipment system can store goods on the high rack and maximize the use of space, which can greatly reduce the cost of land. Compared with the general warehouse, the general intelligent warehouse can save more than 60% of the land area.


(2) Unmanned operation and labor saving: with the increase of human resource cost year by year and the gradual disappearing of population dividend, the intelligent storage equipment system realizes unmanned operation. It can not only save human resources, reduce human cost, but also better adapt to the needs of dark, low temperature, toxic and other special environment. Energy storage equipment system has wider application prospects.


(3) Machine management, avoid loss: intelligent storage equipment system using computer for storage management, can record and monitor the data of the goods, can achieve "FIFO", "automatic inventory", avoid the natural aging and deterioration of the goods, and can also reduce the damage or loss of goods caused by the loss.


(4) Accounting and real time synchronization, saving money: intelligent warehouse equipment management system can achieve account synchronization, and it can integrate with intranet. Enterprises only need to establish reasonable inventory, which can ensure the smooth production process, thus greatly improve the company's cash flow, reduce unnecessary inventory, but also avoid the errors caused by human factors, ledgers, bad debts, inconsistencies and other problems. Although intelligent storage equipment management system is initially invested largely, but once invested for a long time, it can save money in general.


(5) Automatic control, improve efficiency: the storage of goods in the intelligent storage equipment system is controlled by computer automation. The goods can be transported to the designated position quickly and accurately, reducing the waiting time for the vehicle to wait and unloading. It can greatly improve the storage turnover efficiency of the warehouse and reduce the storage cost.


(6) System management, improve the image: the establishment of intelligent storage equipment system, not only can improve the enterprise system management level, but also improve the overall image of the enterprise and the status of the customer's mind, win a bigger market for the enterprise, and create greater wealth for the enterprise.


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