What is the advantage of the shuttle cruiser system

- Nov 03, 2020-

With the development of logistics and warehousing industry, people are demanding more and more automation in this industry. In the past two years, a variety of shuttle cars appeared in major logistics exhibitions, favored by users. What's the difference between Shuttle Cruiser System and an ordinary shuttle car?


What is the Shuttle Cruiser System?


The mother car is pulling a series of sub cars on the main road of the warehouse. When a specific branch road is reached, the sub car can be released automatically, and then run autonomously to the branch road to carry out the operation. The mother car keeps moving forward in the process, which saves much time and greatly speeds up the work.


What is the advantage of the Shuttle Cruiser System?


1.Efficient warehouse management


Shuttle Cruiser System can be well adapted to the modern dense storage solid warehouse, which is a perfect combination of storage intensive storage system and automation system. In order to save storage space, the warehouse not only designed the racks to be multi-stored, but also accumulated a lot of aisles. If it is traditional manpower management, it is undoubtedly very difficult.


2.High operational efficiency


Although the automated shuttle car can automatically identify the rack, the efficiency of the single station is relatively low, and it is not convenient to manage. The Shuttle Cruiser System solves the two problems above.


3.Efficient and fully automated storage


Not only that, theShuttle Cruiser System is convenient, flexible and efficient. When we manage, we only need to see which main road the mother car is on. Then we arrange the goods above the main road to the sub cars. As long as the sub cars pass through the corresponding racks, they will automatically release from the mother car and operate autonomously.


4.The operation error is small


By monitoring the sub cars, we can know the progress of the work above the main road, and whether there is any mistake in the work process of the sub cars. It is very convenient.


Shuttle Cruiser System helps enterprises realize automatic operation, and also promotes the development of storage industry. At the same time, the Shuttle Cruiser Systemis also efficient transport equipment, which can help enterprises to transport goods efficiently and ensure the safety of cargo transportation.

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