What is the difference in the application of racks in cold storage

- Nov 01, 2020-

1. Select the suitable rack steel material


Low temperature environment has specific requirements for the application of steel, and should have good low temperature toughness and ductility to avoid brittle failure. Common carbon structure steel Q235 commonly used in the rack, Q235A, Q235B, Q235C, Q235D, Q235E in different grades, mainly because the impact temperature varies. A means no impact. B is above 20 C, C is above 0 C, D is above -20 C, E is above -40 C, A to E, and the difference of impact temperature in their respective properties.


Secondly, the common carbon structure steel A/B/C/D also represents the different content of traces elements. Because of the different content of trace elements, the quality grade of A/B/C/D is getting higher and higher, and the performance of the low temperature is getting better and better. Under normal circumstances, Q235D will be used as the main material for cold storage racks. The manufacture of fasteners is usually made of high nickel chromium (such as Cr18Ni9 type) alloy steel or nonferrous metal (such as copper and aluminum) in low temperature environment, which almost do not show low temperature brittleness. The thermal expansion coefficient of steel material is 1.2 x 10 5/ C, and the thermal expansion coefficient of concrete is about 0.7 x 10 5/ C, which is close to each other, and can be effectively connected when the temperature difference is within 40 degrees C.


2. Select the appropriate racking system


Choosing the right rack system for customers to reach the maximum warehouse utilization per foot per cubic meter is the factor that the rack supply enterprises need to consider. The following are several common types of cold storage racks:


The common shuttle rack system, drive in rack and other racking types, such as the double depth pallet rack, push backrackand gravityrack, are selected mainly according to the different requirements of the customers.


3. Choose the proper way of surface treatment


Powder coating is the most common form of rack surface treatment. The cold storage is not very harsh for anticorrosion and rust prevention. It has good applicability and is economical and practical.


Compare with powder coating, hot-dip galvanizingcosts more about 40%. Hot dip galvanizing is to immerse the steel after rust removal into molten zinc at about 500 degrees, so that the surface of the steel member can be attached to the zinc layer, thereby preventing corrosion. If customers have higher requirements for anticorrosion and rust prevention and are not sensitive to cost, hot galvanizing can be used for surface treatment.


In many cases, it can be handled flexibly. According to the specific conditions, different surface treatment methods are adopted to achieve the optimal solution, such as the entry system, the main rack is sprayed on the main rack, and the ground guide can be hot-dip galvanized to achieve the best cost advantage and use effect.


4. Other considerations


Other factors should be considered in the design of cold storage racks, such as the selection of welds in the cold storage, which should correspond to the material and welding process requirements of the welded material and ensure the welding quality of the weld. The characteristics of frost in the cold storage should be considered. The weight gain should be considered properly when calculating the selection of racks, and the corrosion resistance requirements of the customer refrigeration and defrosting process on the structure spray coating should be considered.


For each project, whether the above factors are considered or considered economically and reasonably should be analyzed according to specific circumstances. Combining with engineering practice, Hercules understands and responds to the actual needs of customers, and wholeheartedly creates economic benefits for customers, which is the fundamental purpose of engineering design.


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