What is the disadvantage of intelligent warehousing

- Oct 31, 2020-

Compared with traditional warehousing equipment system, intelligent storage equipment system has unparalleled advantages.


Although intelligent warehouse equipment system has many advantages, its disadvantages cannot be ignored.


(1) large investment and long construction cycle: intelligent storage equipment construction is a system engineering, high requirements for installation precision, many necessary equipment, connection between equipment and software management system are very complex, difficult to install and debug, need to invest more money, construction week is longer.


(2) Once the construction is not easy to be changed, the intelligent storage equipment system is designed according to the specific requirements of the enterprises. Once the construction is completed, the maximum size and weight of the shelf products or its packaging are limited. The goods beyond the specified size or weight cannot be stored on the shelves; accordingly, other supporting equipment. It can't be changed easily.Otherwise, it is very likely that there will be an embarrassing passive situation that leads to the whole body.


(3) Once the accident is serious, the operation of the intelligent storage equipment system needs to be coordinated by the computer to control multiple equipment. Once a key link, such as the computer control software system fails, it is very likely that the whole warehouse cannot work properly.


(4) The maintenance and maintenance dependence is large: the intelligent storage equipment system is a complex system. In order to maintain the long-term and stable operation of these equipment, it must be maintained and maintained regularly, and some software should be upgraded according to the needs. Especially for equipment and software with high technical content, such as the palletizing robot, automatic control system, and so on, it must be maintained and upgraded by the professional personage of the system supplier. This requires customers to maintain long-term contact with the system suppliers, so as to make the system suppliers understand the situation and solve problems when the system is in trouble.


(5) The technical ability of the business training is strong: the intelligent storage equipment system is automatically controlled and managed, and the investment is large and the technology is strong, and the serious consequences will be caused by the large operation error. Therefore, all intelligent warehousing equipment systems need specialized training for relevant staff after completion, so that they can be competent for the job. This also brings some difficulty to the management of enterprises.


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