What systems are included in the overall scheme of intelligent warehousing

- Oct 27, 2020-

As an important part of modern logistics system, ASRS is the product of modern storage technology, communication technology, automation technology, and computer technology. The automatic warehouse is composed of high racking, crane stacker, transport and handling system, sorting system and management system. It realizes the information of mechanization, automation and storage management system. What systems are included in the overall scheme of intelligent storage?


High rack


High storehouse is the load-bearing structure of the elevated warehouse. It not only has the necessary strength, stiffness and stability, but also has the high precision of manufacturing and installation that can meet the requirements of the operating process of the warehouse equipment. Different types of elevated warehouses use different structures of high-rise shelving. Reasonable use of shelves will help improve the utilization of space.


Crane stacker system


Stacker is the main handling equipment of automated warehouse, which runs in high-rise shelves. The performance of stacker directly affects the efficiency and reliability of the stereoscopic warehouse. The operation rhythm and stability of the stacker and the intelligence of the control system are important parameters to measure the equipment.


Conveyor system


Conveying equipment is carried out outside the shelf of the warehouse. It connects with the stacking machine, and is connected with the other carrier cars or the long-distance freight cars directly to the platform. Generally, the conveyor, the transfer machine, the elevator, the elevator, and the elevator are made up.


EMS system


The EMS system is composed of aluminum alloy track, car group, turnout, slippery guide, lifting device, lifting device and electronic control. The inner product and line block can be realized between the car groups. The line body arrangement is flexible, which can meet the requirements of the air or ground wiring according to the needs of the customer, and can realize the delivery of the workpiece quickly and efficiently. The whole structure is beautiful, concise and environmentally friendly.


Shuttle system


The shuttle bus can carry out high-speed cargo handling along the fixed track around the solid warehouse with the conveying equipment. It has many advantages, such as high speed, flexibility, and multi vehicle coordination.


Robot system


Robot technology can realize palletizing, loading and unloading, transportation, high efficiency and accurate operation, and it can work in harsh environment.


Automatic sorting system


Automatic sorting system is the necessary facility condition of advanced distribution center. With high sorting efficiency, 6000 to 12000 cases can be sorted every hour. It can be said that automatic sorting machine is a key factor to improve the efficiency of logistics distribution, and it has become an indispensable part of the large and medium logistics center in developed countries.


Auto guide trolley


The automatic guide car (AGV) can accept the handling command and use various automatic guidance methods to select the operation route and speed to carry out the handling operation within a certain range.


Special logistics equipment


According to the special needs of the material system to transport different materials, various special logistics equipmenthas been developed by the north. Such as chemical fiber spindle automatic doffing truck, cylinder conveying and handling equipment, EMS car etc..


Computer monitoring and management system


The main function of the computer monitoring system is to carry out high dynamic management and dispatch of the logistics of the entry and exit database, complete the delivery of goods in time and accurately and simultaneously manage the logistics information and logistics.


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