Why is the collapse of racks continuous and are there any interruptions?

- Oct 20, 2020-

Structural continuity collapse refers to structural failure caused by accidental loads, which leads to continuous failure of components connected with failure components, leading to collapse failure in a wider range than the initial local failure. The consequences of continuous collapse are very serious, and the causes are not proportional to the losses. Rack structure, due to its own characteristics, is prone to continuous collapse.


First of all, the rack structure has low redundancy and no redundant components. After the failure of a single column, there is no new reliable force transmission path. The load transfers from the failed column to the adjacent column, and the overload immediately causes the failure of the new column seriously. Then it expands through the cross beam. Secondly, the racks are densely arranged (the height of the racks is much larger than the width of the roadway). It is difficult for the collapse of a row of racks not to affect the adjacent rows of racks, and the falling goods become new impact loads.


Continuous collapse has been deeply studied in building structures. In structural design, the so-called "fuse" concept is to let specific components destroy under specific conditions and withdraw from the structural system, thus blocking the development of damage. For the rack structure, the fuse may be the position where the beam and the column are connected. If a rack collapses and the beams and columns can be separated in time, it is possible to block the continuous collapse. Of course, this only exists at the theoretical level, and the actual design is not so accurate.


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