Will wall support columns affect warehouse rack layout.

- Oct 16, 2020-

The supporting column of the wall will affect the rack layout of the storehouse, and the more the supporting column is, the more difficult the layout will be. Then, how to choose the rack layout of the warehouse encounter the wall support column? Which rack layout scheme is suitable? How to set the relative relationship among the three positions of the support column, rack and corridor?


There are three ways to deal with the layout of storehouse supporting columns:


1. Put the supporting column in the middle of two groups of racks with back-to-back arrangement. This scheme is relatively ideal. The pillars do not obstruct the staff from accessing the goods in the aisles, nor do they reduce the storage in the racks. However, this scheme has a major drawback. It wastes a certain amount of warehouse space, reduces the product storage, and reduces the utilization of the warehouse.


2. Put the supporting column in the channel of the rack. This layout scheme should be the most unsatisfactory, but when there are many rows of columns in the warehouse, this scheme is unavoidable, which requires layout, as far as possible to increase the relative distance between the columns and racks, to ensure warehouse storage and staff efficiency, many users are applicable to this form.


3.Put the supporting column on the edge of the rack or put it in the middle of the two parallel racks. This scheme is also relatively reasonable, it only reduces a small part of the storage, and the efficiency of the entire warehouse staff has no impact!


All applications of warehouse design are based on data. Without data, it is impossible to design warehouse. Blind patting on the head may lead to decision-making errors, resulting in significant economic losses. Therefore, in the overall warehouse design, the primary task is to get the basic data for warehouse design, followed by the use of rich practical experience and level to specific design.


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