Plastic Pallet

Plastic Pallet

Plastic pallet is an ideal alternative to wood pallets, which are vulnerable to breakage and tend to be cumbersome for employees and shipments.
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Plastic pallet is an ideal alternative to wood pallets, which are vulnerable to breakage and tend to be cumbersome for employees and shipments. They can be used again and again, making them an economical solution for your business. Ergonomically friendly, they can be made from recycled material and can eventually be recycled if the time comes you don’t need them anymore.


There’s a reason companies are switching from wood to plastic pallet and there’s a reason so many retailers are asking them to switch. Plastic pallet is the next evolution in unit-load level shipping platforms. Companies that have adopted plastic pallets as their primary shipping platform have lowered their total cost of business and increased the sustainability of their supply chain thanks to the many quantifiable advantages of plastic.


●Lightweight - Depending on the style of plastic pallet, some models are much lighter weight, and thus are easier to handle than wood pallets and can reduce shipping costs. Additionally, they will put less total wear on your forklifts.

●Long-lasting - They are durable and stand up to the abuses of a typical quick moving workday. They save money by providing hundreds of uses.

●Earth friendly - They are recyclable and do not use trees to manufacture. They’ll reduce waste and you won’t have to dispose of them.

●Maintain safety standards - Since plastic pallets don’t splinter and break the way wood pallets do, they are safer for everyone who comes into contact with them. There won’t be the hassle of a forklift lifting a cracked pallet either.

●Moisture and chemical resistant - They can be used outdoors and indoors where water is an issue. They won’t warp, bow or grow mold.

●Sanitary - They meet the requirements for food grade applications as well as the pharmaceutical industry and don’t attract bugs. It is a simple process to clean them.

●Uniformity - They are easy for forklifts to pick up and provide organized stacking capabilities, reducing the risk of jamming and uneven loads.


ISO Standard Pallet Sizes

Trading Name

Dimensions in Inches

Dimensions in Millimeters


Grocery Manufacturer Association (GMA)



North America





1200×1000 (EURO 2)



Europe, Asia

Australian Standard Pallet (ASP)




International Pallet
     (no official name)



North America, Europe, Asia

Asian Pallet
     (no official name)





1)Stackable Industrial Plastic Pallets

Stackable plastic pallets are popular for their space saving feature within the warehouse and during shipping. The design of the bottom section is such that you can stack them on top of other pallets without slipping or falling.


2)Rackable Plastic Pallets

You can count on rackable plastic pallets when handling heavy loads. They have either picture frame or runners at the bottom for enhanced strength. We design these pallets such that, you can comfortably place them safely on a rack top without falling. This is due to their unique design that fit perfectly on the rack.


3)Nestable Plastic Pallets

If you need a pallet that can save more space during the return trip, than the nestable plastic pallets is the perfect choice. We design these pallets to occupy a quarter of the space occupied by other plastic pallet designs.


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