Designed Steel Platforms,steel Platform Mezzanine Floor

Steel platform is one kind of mezzanine, with flat roof on the top, suiting for big products. Round pipe and square pipe are often used to nake uprights. Main and secondary beams are often made of H steel. Flooring can be solid type, checkered type, perforated type. Steel platform can enlarge usage space. Normally on the top it can be used as office, ground part can be used as warehouse. Space between uprights can be 3 metres to 6 metres.
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Steel mezzanine platform  system

Steel platform mezzanine system have applications yet to be thought of. By utilizing vertical space with a steel mezzanine you can not only increase storage but also add office space or manufacturing space or even create a product display area.
Not just a work platform in a plant anymore, Steel Mezzanines can bring much needed office space to your facility with a top level view of operations. Add a steel mezzanine meeting room or employee break room with enclosed offices above existing work space.

Steel  mezzanine platform  system

A Steel platform mezzanine system can be a smart economic decision because it can depreciate as equipment or move as your warehouse storage needs or location changes.

EYDA has innovative ideas for mezzanine hand rails, guard rails and mezzanine deck solutions through years of designing pick modules and multi-level platforms. This offers creative ways to save on a warehouse mezzanine system and insure building code compliance.