10 Strategies To 100% Improve Storage Picking Efficiency (3 Of 10)

- May 01, 2020-

Compressing picking range and increasing speed


Many cases of investigate have proved that the most important part of wasting time in the order accomplishment is walking. Pickers often need to walk between the different locations. In the small manual distribution center, there are two methods can be used to solve this problem, so as to greatly improve productivity.


In the using of pallet trucks, forklifts, laser guided vehicles and other equipment to speed the walking of pickers. It can be cooperated with intelligent storage system and extend the sorting picking time, then also shorten the walking time, thereby increase the productivity.


The second method is to compress the picking range, just use the pallet rack or carton flow rack can be done. It can be achieved by storing cargos in the rear slide of compressing picking range. The distance of picking range will be reduced more than 80%. It can greatly shorten the time which spent on walking process in order picking operation.


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