10 Strategies To 100% Improve Storage Picking Efficiency (9 Of 10)

- May 07, 2020-

Using FCL solutions to accelerate stacking velocity


FCL sorting and spare parts sorting are very similar. FCL sorting contains intelligent ergonomics design station. It can be used for mixed boxes stocking. Due to the workers can stock to presorting and mixed boxes sorting in the stocking station, sorters only need to slide cartons in the place, it will be easier, faster and more secure.


The stations are usually built in the platform, using integrated transport to convey FCL to each station. After the completion of each layer of the pallets, the pallets will be declined automatically in order to carry out the previous assembly. So that it can greatly save the amount of manual work, while improving the stocking more safety, speedy and quality.


When the pallets declined, it can be used wrapping film to keep the stability.


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