9 Factors Affecting The Impleme...ion Of Warehouse Automation

- Apr 28, 2020-

1. Which lower cost of manual and automation directly affects whether automation is implemented.


The cost of labor is relatively low, and the amount of investment in equipment is huge. Investors are more willing to obtain high returns with low investment. Last year, we shouted that Foxconn, which started the robot in full instead of artificial manufacturing, also suspended the "robot army plan".


2.Company size and storage capacity support enterprises to choose automation.


If the size and storage capacity of the company can not reach a certain extent, a large number of purchase of automation equipment and professional managers will lead to a waste of investment; therefore, automation is a relatively superior choice, such as Nike, WAL-MART and other enterprises with large and stable market.


3. The management experience and consciousness of the company decide the direction of warehouse automation.


If the company management does not have a comprehensive understanding and mastery of the advantages of automation, it is difficult to promote the implementation of automation in the company. Especially for the manufacturing enterprises, the main work place is the production line, the warehouse (raw material warehouse, the finished warehouse) usually gets less attention, even if it is concerned, it is generally added. Fast turnover, compressed area for the direction, the necessity of automatic input is naturally not given priority.


4. Industry characteristics also directly affect the implementation of automation.


For example, tobacco, wine, beverage, medicine, automobile, clothing and other industries, packaging relatively single or standard, large consumption of fast products or higher value-added of individual finished products, higher revenue, small batch of variety, irregular packaging and other custom products are more suitable for manual operation.


5.The uncertainty of the future will determine whether automation can be put into practice.


Automation equipment belongs to the fixed assets, the investment is huge, if the future forecast is not allowed, the storage single volume falls, it will inevitably cause the waste of the project investment, the storage single volume is rising, the equipment size is too small and can not meet the needs. In terms of flexibility, the advantage is not obvious.


6.Whether the internal operation system of the company has the ability to match the effect of automation and smooth implementation.


Order system, inventory management system, transport system, forklift navigation system and so on and its data exchange network connection, including the signal intensity (especially under pressure) can keep the real-time transparency, and the emergency plan. Whether the future long-term environment model and strategy can be foreseen in the current production environment and requirements, the tolerance of load / size, reverse logistics, and the upgrading space of the system are tested by designers and implementers.


Some people have visited a private enterprise logistics center with AS/RS, which has tens of millions of equipment, and the manager is playing the automation of your own storage center with analog video. But it is very different, the equipment is very different, the equipment is very advanced, pick up the goods automatically and quickly, for the bulk cargo that needs to be dismantled, the workers and equipment are also good, but the freight company's wagons can't keep up, the shipment dock is very few, the goods have been piled up in the shipping area, the equipment has to stop, the workers also have to stop. You can only wait for the car while chatting, so you can't let the automatic equipment rise in a certain rhythm of the warehouse. The rhythm balance of the whole warehouse is also very important.


7.Facilities and equipment management capabilities and supplier management capabilities also affect the smooth implementation of automation.


Such as response time, service cost, coordination and coordination. The more automatic libraries are, the more potential bottlenecks are, the daily precautions and tests are necessary, compared with the regular repairs that usually need to be built, and the capacity and selection of such service providers will be a challenge at the moment.


8. Personnel training, maintenance and discipline execution are also challenges that automation must face.


Automation is a double-edged sword: on the one hand, it requires the trained hand to operate, on the other hand, it requires people to repeat the mechanical action. It requires people to operate with the frequency of the machine's general thread, and the amplitude. Looking for the right operation team is a big choice for the manager. War.


9. The degree of awareness of safety is also affecting the process of automation.


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