A Big Collection Of Anti-collision Designs For Shelves

- Apr 24, 2019-

The design process of the racking system mainly includes: the demand side proposes the requirements of the racking system - the supplier selects the design of the scheme - the scheme discussion and optimization - the rationality of the scheme, the evaluation of the optimization degree - the scheme quoted - the supplier selects - the contract Signing - detailed technical design of the racking system - manufacturing of the racking system (preparation, processing, surface treatment, packaging, etc.) - shelf system installation - acceptance.

Among them, the anti-collision design that can not be ignored in the detailed technical design of the racking system, how much do you know?

Cases in which common shelves are damaged by external impact are mainly concentrated in the following three types of warehouses.

1: a large warehouse with high shelves.

2: a warehouse with a narrow fork lane.

3: the ground is not flat warehouse

Among the three types of warehouses, the warehouses that are most likely to cause the shelves to be impacted by external forces, the warehouses of the high-bay shelves are the most harmful after being hit by external forces, and the most likely to be impact accidents in three cases.

In view of the safety hazards that are likely to occur in the above three types of warehouses, the following measures will prevent the impact and reduce the impact.

Various anti-collision measures tools

The current safety measures to prevent the shelf from being impacted are:

One: From the perspective of prevention, in addition to welding on the ground, the “safety pile” will also be equipped with anti-collision beams on the columns of the high-bay shelves. (anti-collision beam in the form of a convex hook)

Two: high altitude suspension. At the top of the warehouse, a rope is used to connect the upper shelf of the high shelf to the rope, thereby reducing the loss of the upper cargo space of the high shelf during the impact.

Three: Fix the fork lane so that the forklift can only travel on a fixed track and cannot be deflected.

The above three ways to prevent and reduce the damage of the shelf by external force are the most effective and reasonable methods at present. The main purpose is to prevent the shelf from being impacted by external forces and to reduce the loss of interest in the impact. In the traditional large warehouse, these three methods can be realized due to the perfect facilities.

Pay attention to the use:

1. Never change the shelf structure in any way without confirmation from the supplier. Even changing the position of the beam can damage the stability of the shelf.

2. The load on the racking system exceeds its designed load capacity and can result in component damage. In the case of a mixed load, the heaviest cargo should be placed on the lower level or on the ground and the lightest cargo placed on the upper level.

3. Please do not purchase components from different manufacturers, which will cause problems with shelf system compatibility.

4. It is dangerous to not buy spare parts from the original manufacturer. If it is serious, it will cause all safety measures to be destroyed.

5. When local damage does not affect the entire system, check the damage points regularly. It is recommended to establish a shelf maintenance management system, which can solve countless troubles. Most reputable shelf suppliers [such as Hagris] can provide maintenance plans.

6. When the forklift collides with the beams and columns of the shelf during the operation of the forklift, it may cause damage to the shelf. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the driver's training to prevent accidents.

7. In day-to-day day-to-day operations, the chances of a forklift colliding with a shelf are high. The design of the pallet rack can not bear the multiple impact of the forklift, even the low speed impact will cause structural damage. The shelf protector is a tool to prevent the shelf from collapsing and can reduce the impact of the forklift impact.

8. It must be ensured that the supplier chosen is reliable and that its products are recognized by professional bodies, which is important!

In order to prevent the huge losses caused by the collapse of the shelves, Hagris suggested taking action today! The cost of preventing a security incident is much lower than the cost of taking remedial measures after a shelf collapse.