A Brief Analysis Of The Current Situation Of Chinese Logistics Industry

- Mar 21, 2020-

1. The existence of pain point

The logistics chain is long, the transaction links are many, the overall transaction cost is high, and the efficiency is low. There are many urgent problems to be solved, such as information opaque, instable instabilities, lack of intensification, unclear service standard, product cognition and low distinguishability.


The entrepreneurs with different backgrounds and different resource endowments cut from the links such as goods, vehicles, land, people, money, system, platform, equipment, media and so on.

3. Capital influx

According to incomplete statistics, from 2007 to the ten years, there are nearly 200 investments and mergers and acquisitions involving logistics sector, including nearly 100 in 2015 and 2016, and the speed of capital entry is accelerating.

4. Towardsintensivism

In order to express the field as an example, less than 5% of the 5 companies leading the market share of total turnover accounted for the express industry as a whole, the express industry and compared with Europe and the US, has great promotion and integration of space, from the full competition to oligopoly competition even monopoly is an inevitable trend, the segments do not have unique advantages of small and medium-sized companies. Living space will be more and smaller.

5. Trans boundary integration

From providing single products and services to provide extended products and services, from the vertical to the competition between the company network and ecological competition between the supply chain from the leading end to the supply chain, all segments of the company in the cross each other, in order to meet the higher demand for more users.

6, Policy support

In recent years, the national ministries, local governments have issued a series of supporting the development of the logistics industry planning, policy and advice to promote the logistics industry will achieve the adjustment and Reform on investment and financing system, taxation system, the administrative system, the reform of the logistics industry upgrade development direction, planning a series of policy show that the logistics industry attention and support.

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