Acceptance Standard For Storage Racking System

- May 10, 2020-

With the development of society and the rapid development of the logistics industry, Welfor storage racking industry has also accelerated its development pace.


Welfor storage systems are now widely used in various industries. For example: textile, tobacco, commercial, medical, electrical, military, clothing and other industrial sectors. Demand in these industries is still growing steadily. In addition, new materials, food refrigeration, publishing and distribution industries demand for Welfor storage systems rose greatly, especially in the past two years.


Driven by the demand, the racking industry has witnessed rapid development. However, due to the lack of industry standard for the warehouse racking, the pallet racking industry is facing increasingly fierce market competition. So how to check and accept storage racking has become an important problem. The following leading racking manufacturer,Jiangsu Welfor Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. will talk about the acceptance standard.


The first step: to confirm whether the receipt number of the racking units is same as your order. Confirm all kinds of accessories to be complete, color to be right, packaging to meet the requirements.


The second step: the overall installation accuracy testing

1, the racking vertical deviation of not more than 10mm

2, the same level of beam height deviation of not more than 10mm

3, c/c distance deviation of not more than 2mm


The third step: shelf manufacturing precision testing

1, use of imported rolling punch forming column

2, when at full load, the column inside and outside deflection should be less than H / 1000, the beam load deflection should be less than L / 250;

3, racking rigidity and strength can reach the machinery industry standards;

4, welding process can reach national standards.


The above standard in the acceptance of the company may not be able to immediately give you the results, so the first step of confirmation should be whether racking is same as sample and.The other specific size can be sample checked.


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