Advantages And Disadvantages Of ASRS

- May 11, 2020-

The advantages of ASRS

1. Because the vertical space of warehouse can be fully utilized, its storage area per unit area is much larger than that of ordinary single storage warehouse (usually 4-7 times of single storage warehouse). At present, the world's highest ASRS can reach more than 40 meters, with capacity of up to 300 thousand cargo locations.

2. The warehouse operation is fully mechanized and automated. On the one hand, it can greatly save manpower and reduce the cost of labor. On the other hand, it can greatly improve the efficiency of operation.

3.The use of computer storage management, can be convenient to do "advanced first out", and can prevent the natural aging of goods, deterioration, rust, and can also avoid the loss of goods.

4. The concentration of the goods is easy to control and manage, especially by using the electronic computer. It can not only realize the automatic control of the operation, but also can carry on the information processing.

5.To better adapt to dark, low temperature, toxic and other special environment requirements. For example, the film factory reels the film reels in ASRS. Under completely dark conditions, the automatic reloading and storage of film reels can be realized by computer control.

6. store goods by pallet or container, and the breakage rate of goods are significantly reduced.

The disadvantages of ASRS

1.Because the structure of ASRS is more complex and the supporting facilities are more, so the investment in infrastructure and equipment is relatively large.

2. The installation accuracy of the rack is high, the construction is rather difficult, and the construction period is correspondingly longer.

3.Storage elasticity is small, difficult to cope with the peak demand. It is difficult to cope with the many types of packaging requirements.

4. There is a limit to the variety of goods that can be stored. It is necessary to set up a separate storage system for the storage of long, large, heavy goods and the goods requiring special storage conditions.

5. ASRS overhead crane, automatic control system and so on are highly technical equipment, high maintenance requirements, so we must rely on suppliers, in order to get timely technical assistance when the system fails. This increases the dependence on the suppliers.

6. The requirement of process design before building a database is high.

7.Too much reliance on automation will also have great risks. For example, when an accident is cut off, electricity is limited in the summer, or when the system is down accidentally, what should we do?

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