Analysis Of The Causes Of Shelf Deformation

- Mar 20, 2018-

1, uneven distribution of weight, will cause the deformation of the shelves, such as in the placement of goods, the weight of each layer of goods in the middle part, and the two sides do not have the weight of the cargo, it will certainly cause the shelf deformation.

2, the goods placed over the shelves of the shelf, that is, when the shelves in the purchase, warehouse shelves manufacturers will be based on the goods to select the corresponding materials, and if the actual use of the goods on the shelf than the weight of the material selected at that time, the shelves will be deformed.

3, the reason for improper selection of materials, customers in the purchase of shelves, the inevitable encounter some undesirable shelf manufacturers, Jerry, impostors, so that the shelf deformation.

4, improper handling equipment operation, sometimes, the use of units in the use of handling equipment such as forklifts to operate the goods, due to the driver's problem, will lead to forklift truck hit the shelves, resulting in shelf deformation.

When designing a shelf, you must follow the basic principles of design.

1. Choose high quality steel.

2, the goods evenly distributed on the shelves, to avoid the goods placed in the same position.

3, when handling the appropriate operation.