Application Of Radio Shuttle Rack...processing Industry(2 Of 3)

- May 21, 2020-

Computer information system

1. System architecture

Computer information system is an online material management system centered on material storage, supply services, linking production, centralized management and information tracking. It integrates logistics support management, material management and warehousing management. It is the information center of management and scheduling. The logistics information system is responsible for the online material process management. By sending the scheduling instructions to the scheduling system, the material storage management and pre-production reserve are guaranteed. It can be connected to the management system such as ERP, MES, and commercial distribution and so on. At the same time, we can link up the management of logistics dispatching and ensure the information uploading.

The computer information system in material management, logistics, warehouse management in a body, to achieve material receiving, storage, management, logistics information system according to the system architecture and application deployment, can be divided into four levels of data interface layer, information management, scheduling and monitoring layer, application service layer etc..

2. Network topology

The network topology of a shuttle bus typical intensive library automated logistics system is shown in figure 7. From top to bottom, it can be divided into computer information system, electronic control system and equipment execution subsystem, which can be applied to many industries, such as food processing, medicine, machinery manufacturing, tobacco and so on.

3. Access strategy for dense warehouse

(1) Storage strategy

The sub vehicle library is usually combined with intelligent partitioning strategy when distributing the entry into the warehouse, for example, according to the ABC classification of materials, the solid pallet stacking (whole disk / loose disk) and so on, partitioned or stored hierarchically, and at the same time, the principle of moving in proximity is adopted. After determining the storage tunnel filled the tunnel location principle, namely the put-in allocation strategy.

(2) Outgoing strategy

During the distribution of the roadways, a comprehensive balance treatment is carried out between the advanced first out of the material, the moving out and so on. After the excavation of the roadway, the principle of emptying is adopted, and the strategies of the advanced first out, the advanced post and so on are implemented in combination with the logistics planning and design.

(3) Transfer strategy

Without conveyor can be realized in the reservoir area library, through the transfer strategy complete the personalized storage requirements, is one of the highlights of the intensive library. Through the combination of job boards, shuttle cars, the elevator can move between floors and roadway in dense reservoir, each library flexible, convenient and flexible management of the owner of the warehouse and material allocation.

(4) Strategy of physical goods

The first half of the spare part often appears idle, and the cargo is accumulated in the second half, which leads to the longer walking distance of the shuttle board. Through the combination of information software, electric control system and logistics equipment, we can use the tally function to dispatch the shuttle board to transfer the pallets of the rear end to the front end of the warehouse, so as to improve the logistics efficiency and outgoing capacity. For the queue type laneway, the function can also ensure the release of the back end storage space, guarantee the distribution of the storage and improve the utilization rate of the storage position.

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