Basic Introduction To Pallet Shelves

- Mar 20, 2018-

Pallet shelves to store the unit pallet cargo, with roadway-type stacker and other storage and transportation machinery for operation.

High-rise shelves use the overall structure, usually by the steel welded shelves (with pallets), through horizontal, vertical pull rod and beam and other components connected. The side clearance is considered in the original position of cargo parking accuracy, stacking machine stop accuracy, stacking machine and shelf installation accuracy, etc. the cargo support width must be greater than the side clearance, lest the cargo side is not in the support state.

At present, the use of free combination, easy to disassemble and move, according to the height of the article push Code, arbitrary adjustment of the beam position, but also called adjustable pallet shelves.

Also known as the Crossbeam-type shelves, or shelf-type shelves, usually heavy shelves, in the domestic storage shelves of the most common system. First of all, it is necessary to carry out the unit work, the packaging and weight of goods and other characteristics of the panel, to determine the type of pallet, specifications, size, as well as documentary load weight and heap height (documentary cargo weight generally within 2000kg), and then determine the unit shelf span, depth, layer spacing, The height of the shelves is determined by the effective height along the warehouse roof truss and the maximum fork height of the forklift. Unit shelf-life generally within 4m, depth within 1.5m, low, high warehouse shelf height generally within 12m, ultra-high warehouse shelf height generally within 30m (this kind of warehouse is basically automated warehouse, the total shelf high from a number of sections of the 12m column composition). This type of warehouse, low, high warehouse most of the use of forward-shift battery forklift, balance heavy battery forklift, three-fork forklift to carry out access operations, high shelves can also be used in electric stacker, ultra-high-level warehouse with Stacker for access operations. This kind of shelf system has high space utilization, convenient access, supplemented by Computer Management or control, and can basically meet the requirements of modern logistics system. Widely used in manufacturing, Third-party logistics and distribution centers and other fields, not only suitable for many varieties of small quantities of goods, but also suitable for a small variety of large quantities of goods. This type of shelves in the high warehouse and ultra-high-level warehouse application of the most (automatic warehouse shelves most of these shelves).

Pallet-type shelf-use of high utilization, easy access, supplemented by Computer Management or control, tray-type shelves can basically meet the requirements of modern logistics system.