Cantilever Rack II

- Nov 29, 2019-

Cantilever Racks are ideally suited for goods that require negligible interruptions in the loading/unloading operations.


•Bar and Pipe Racks

•Light Duty (for manually handled loads)

•Medium Duty (for loads handled with MHEs)

•Heavy Duty (for loads handled automatically)


Main Features

Designed for variable length goods:UIdeal storage for long and bulky goods, especially of varying length.

Accommodating:Adjusts to different load weights and heights.

Powerful built Highly versatile system: Robust structure made of high-quality profiles provides strength and protection against damages.

Highly versatile system :Can be integrated in any warehouse and can also be turned into mobile rack.


 Great support for loads with longer dimensions.

 Quick to adjust

 Accessible stock

 Customizable as per load requirements

 Stable and safe

 Easy to install


 Costlier than normal racking

 Not suitable for pallets

BEST SUITED FOR: Goods with lengths and loads like beams, metal sheets, plastic sheets, pipes, wooden boards, pipes and tubes.