Characteristics Of Live Pallet Racking

- Apr 01, 2019-


Characteristics of Gravity Shelf

1. Goods are stored at the high end, slipped to the low end and removed from the low end. In the course of cargo sliding, dampers are installed on the sliding track to control the speed of cargo sliding within the safe range. A separator is arranged at one end of the slideway, and the cargo at the first board position can be removed smoothly by the handling machinery.

2. Goods follow the FIFO sequence. The shelf has high storage density and flexible coordination function.

3. Suitable for pallet-based storage operations, neat cargo stack, which provides a better solution for the storage of heavy goods. The utilization rate of storage space is more than 75%, and only one access is needed.

4. Gravity shelves are very environmentally friendly. They are all powerless, energy-free, low noise, safe and reliable, and can operate at full load.

There is no working channel between groups of shelves, which increases the space utilization rate by 60% and improves the storage volume ratio; tray operation follows the principle of first-in-first-out; automatic storage and rotation; the separation of storage and picking greatly improves the output, because self-gravity makes goods slide and there is no operating channel, so the number of transportation routes and forklift trucks is reduced.